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What is atisfyre?

atisfyre™ enables influencers of all sizes to earn money by completing promotions in the simplest way possible. Our AI system takes care of matching you to brands that suit your audience, ensuring you have a contract in place, and also makes sure that businesses put money into the "vault" so you get paid when you get the job done.

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Benefits of Joining atisfyre

Receive jobs that meet your personal asking price, preferred platforms and preferred content types only. All in real-time.
Size Doesn't Matter

While larger influencers will earn more due to their greater reach, we will also match jobs with smaller influencers in order to help them grow.

Our Matchmaking AI

Our AI system will only match you to jobs that suit you and your asking price. We handle the contracting with the click of one button and make sure your payment is protected.

Become Your Own CEO

With our system, you truly will feel like your own boss. Simply accept the promotions from brands you like and get paid what you specify. It's all up to you!


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Step Into The Future

Influencers, it's time you get paid fairly!

Join our mission to create a smart, open economy where you receive payments that you feel you deserve based on the brands and campaigns you complete.

We have analyzed the 10 trillion content views on the internet and found that consistent influencers are more reliable to brands. Earn reliability ratings.

You decide what promotions you do and don't choose. They can range all the way from a quick shout out or LinkedIn post to a full game play through.

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Integration & Data

One Earning Manager To Rule Them All

atisfyre will keep developing connections with new platforms so you can earn money from any that you have a following on. Get paid in cold hard USD through PayPal.

You receive your asking price. Don't worry about paying for expensive agencies and talent managers, instead sign up and get notified the moment a job is available for you.

Enjoy your dashboard where we will show you insights about how to increase your value as an influencer, your growth trends and tips on increasing your reliability score.

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